Ultimate Guide on Mail Order Marijuana: Buying Weed Online in Canada

Buying marijuana online may sound like a quick and fun time; after all, you can get your cannabis delivered to your doorstep with a few clicks. However, before you get excited and go shopping, you must understand a few things before buying weed online.

While Canada has some of the best weed out there if you are not diligent and careful in which marijuana dispensary you choose, you may have a bad experience and waste your money.

Therefore, in this guide, you will find all you need to know about buying weed in Canada online. Let’s begin!

Why Buy Weed Online?

With e-commerce seeing a boom, buying cannabis online offers more variety and convenience than venturing out and finding a reputable dispensary. Moreover, dispensaries have limited stock and little range, while you have a wider selection of cannabis online.

Customers can conveniently order weed online straight from the comfort of their homes.

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Factors to Consider While Buying Cannabis Online

Let’s give you the ultimate guide to buying cannabis online.

Find a Reputable Seller

Before deciding on what type of strain you want, the most important thing to do is find a well-reputed seller. It is crucial to know that the products you buy are high quality before completing your transaction.

A company’s integrity is the main concern because the internet is filled with scammers and low-quality marijuana sellers. See the seller’s reputation by finding their website and reading customer reviews. An angry or dissatisfied customer will tell you everything you need to know about a seller’s reputation.

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Always note the seller’s provided information on their site and check their social media for authenticity. Moreover, find out if their payment-receiving methods are secure enough. These little details will give you ample hints about trusting a vendor with your money.

Contact Them

The best customer service is the biggest indicator of a trustworthy digital dispensary. Businesses with good staff responding to customers’ concerns show they care about their business and your satisfaction.

Top dispensaries will have the most educated and knowledgeable staff willing to answer your questions regarding the products and guide you with simple instructions.

Age Check

Buy from online dispensaries that demand accurate proof of your age before registering your account and making a purchase. This shows they are running a legit business and will not risk selling to underage individuals.

Know What You Want

Study the various strains on the market when looking to buy weed. A good seller will have ample details on all products, and each product will be tested for pesticides or harmful chemicals to ensure purity.

So, don’t rush and take your time as you browse through the broad selection and decide what you seek. It is important to understand that there are two basic cannabis species: Sativa and Indica.

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The Sativa offers the stimulating effect while Indica gives you the deeply relaxing mind and body effects. Then comes the hybrid strains: a blend of Indica and Sativa offering the best of both strains in certain percentage combinations.

The main two compounds incannabis are CBD and THC. The former acts as a pain killer, which can be extracted from both hemp and cannabis. The latter gives that euphoric feeling, or ‘high’ that everyone talks about, mainly found in the cannabis plant.

Analyze Prices

This one is for newbies and hard-core consumers; never buy without checking the market rates for the desired strain. It is very easy to get excited about a product and rush to get it however, analyzing prices will give you an idea of the competitive prices dispensaries are offering, which can proffer great value for money.

Moreover, always check out deals and offers because you can get top stuff at the lowest prices. Various online weed dispensaries grant loyalty points which can also be great for future purchases and get you free gifts.

Always take the shipping charges into consideration, too.

Check with the Delivery Process

Go for sellers with long-running clientele because they will be highly experienced in delivering their products safely to your home. A cannabis seller should employ packaging that promises personal privacy because discretion is of the utmost importance.

Moreover, they should be able to deliver speedily so when your package arrives, it should be fresh.

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Always read the shipping guidelines of a seller and buy only from those who ask for reasonable delivery rates and can assist you if something untoward happens.

Choose the Right Product

Understand your needs before buying weed. Whether you want weed for recreational or medicinal use, there is a vast selection.

Varying products are available in the market ranging from dried flowers for smoking, oils, edibles, lotions, vape pens, gummies, cannabis concentrates, etc. You need to find out which will meet your needs perfectly.

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Nonetheless, if you are new to this world and want to buy weed online, always start small with cannabis products to see how your system handles it; once you find your comfortable dosage, stick to it.

Choose Online Marijuana Dispensary Near You

While online shopping is always a yes, it is better to buy quality products from a dispensary in your locality that offers a wide selection, the best prices, and great customer service.

That way, their shipping charges will be lower, and you will not have to wait long for your order to arrive. For this, it is best to seek out a fellow cannabis user in your vicinity to guide you about the right dispensary to choose for your weed needs and speedy delivery.


Weed buying online is simple however, being mindful of the factors above can help you have the best experience while choosing the best online dispensary.

You should always make well-informed decisions and don’t jump to purchasing from just any seller.

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