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Guide On Sativa Cannabis

Hybrid, Indica, Sativa weed… what does it all mean? Within the cannabis industry, we are faced with many acronyms and terminology that we have never heard of before, sometimes making the purchase process more complicated than it should be. While they may seem confusing, these terms are pretty straightforward and definitely an easy (and useful) concept to get behind.

If you’re new to the cannabis scene and here to learn, you’ve come to the right place. These days, we are specifically focusing on the ins and outs of sativa herb and what it means to smoke or enjoy a sativa herb variety of cannabis. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about this type of marijuana, as well as general cannabis information that every consumer should know.


You may have heard it called weed, grass, bud, or marijuana, but these terms all refer to the same thing: a psychoactive strain of the cannabis plant genus. The weed is best known for its intoxicating and euphoric properties brought about by the many cannabinoids, or chemical compounds, that the plant contains. But, weed is also known for its various therapeutic properties that have been helpful in conditions like anxiety, chronic pain, digestive problems, and more.

Weed can be enjoyed in many different ways, each method demonstrating its own unique properties and effects. Along with its different methods, the weed itself can be divided into different sub-categories, as we mentioned earlier. When buying weed for yourself, you will often be asked about your preference for Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. These days, we focus specifically on sativa strains, their effects, and how you can tell if you are smoking one.


When asked about sativa strain of cannabis, they are typically known for their more energizing, uplifting properties and cerebral effects. Almost a polar opposite to its Indica equivalent, sativa herb is heavily sought after by those looking for a more revitalizing herb versus one where you get stuck on the couch.

This form of cannabis produces medical effects and benefits that are unique to its categorization, as well as having innovative physical characteristics that make it easy to know when you’re enjoying a sativa versus a hybrid or Indica strain. Completely unlike the other marijuana subcategories, sativa herb strains provide the exciting and euphoric properties that we all dream of when we think about enjoying cannabis.


As we mentioned, the sativa and Indica varieties have very strong juxtapositions between various factors of the plant itself. Again, Indica-dominant cannabis strains are known for their more sedating properties and is a type of weed that is most often enjoyed towards the end of the day, not the beginning. However, with Sativas, these strains are not known to make you sleep – unless you smoke a little too much. Instead, its energizing qualities and creativity-inducing properties will make you want to jump off the couch and start on your to-do list.

Sativa strains also tend to be a bit fluffier than Indicas, with Indica buds generally taking a small, dense shape. An eighth of sativa will likely look larger than an eighth of Indica simply based on their larger bud structure and leaves, however they will both weigh exactly the same. Although subtle, even the odors between these two different types of weed are different. Oftentimes, cannabis sativa strains will sport more earthy and rough notes, while Indicas will exhibit sweeter and sour tastes. Although, particular flavors and aromas always depend on the terpene profile within the strain itself, so if you’re looking for a specific flavor, try to look for the strains that boast the most of these terpenes.


In composition, cannabis sativa plants tend to grow much taller and leaner in stature than the typical plant indicates. The leaves that the plant produces are thin and narrow, as well as almost lime green in color. Compared to Indica leaves, they are longer and each leaf is a little more defined.

After cultivation, however, it is possible to really know when you have a sativa in your hands.

Sativas are often much lighter in color, showing shades of bright green with numerous orange hairs, or stigmas, scattered throughout. The buds themselves tend to be quite large, fluffy and lighter in weight.


Sativas are often gravitated towards due to their high energy and happiness properties. Instead of feeling sleepy and a little lazy after smoking, with sativas you’ll be ready to tackle just about anything. Ideal for increasing motivation and enjoyment inside the great outdoors, sativa strains provide feelings of euphoria that are simply unmatched by indicas or hybrids.

In general, the effects that sativa herb brings are much more cerebral than full-bodied, leaving your mind feeling stimulated and ready to experience all the world has to offer. Many people report feeling extra creative when they like sativa strains, making them great for those who need a little creative boost or are looking for a brand new perspective. We just don’t recommend trying sativa strains before bed, as there’s a good chance you’ll get up.


One of the biggest medical benefits of sativa strains, in particular, is fighting the symptoms of depression. As we discussed, sativas are easily able to stimulate the mind and get you active, helping you to feel more productive in general. This is largely due to the way THC reacts to the cannabinoid receptors you have in your brain, helping to regulate neurotransmitters like serotonin. With this type of regulation, depression is not cured, but rather feels significantly more manageable.

In addition to helping with depression, sativa strains are great for helping with chronic pain and regulating your body’s overall pain response. With strong strains of sativa, muscle and joint discomfort as well as various digestive issues seem to melt away as your mind starts to focus on other, more positive and productive things. Often your appetite increases, your body feels better, and your mind is in the best possible place when you enjoy sativa weed.


Unfortunately, one of the most common side effects of sativa strains is increased anxiety.

When smoking heavily, people often report experiencing an increased heart rate, thoughts of racing, and stomach upset or nausea. To calm down from an overly strong sativa, drink some water, eat a good meal, and try to take a nap or have a conversation with a trusted friend or family member. It sounds simple, but everyday routines can often be enough to make you feel like yourself again.

The most important thing is to always remember that what you’re feeling won’t last forever, and it’s just a little weed.


Next time you’re planning an outdoor soap opera or looking to do some extra creative work, we definitely suggest turning to a sativa strain. There are so many great Canadian sativa strains out there, but we will stick to our first three strains.

Sour Diesel

is the classic sativa cannabis strain. This potent and pungent strain is known for its intense cerebral effects and energizing qualities, and has enjoyed this reputation since the 1990s. If you are looking for a strain that makes you feel uplifted and ready to go, this is the ideal strain. for you.

Durban Poison

is a staple within the Canadian cannabis community. It is a strong sativa that produces the classic energetic effects, but what makes this strain extra special is its high CBD content. With this, Durban Poison has indeed shown significant benefits for those who suffer from anxiety disorders and are looking for relaxation in mind as well as body.

Lemon Haze

It is a delicious favorite for many experienced smokers as its citrus aromas combined with its euphoric effects create a cannabis experience. Although originally brewed in Amsterdam, its popularity has spread across the world as more people fall in love with the pure citrus peaks this variety gives off.


Cannabis is an extremely versatile plant, capable of being enjoyed in many different ways – it just depends on your personal preference.

Smoking sativa weed is easily the most common way to enjoy it, and it’s also the most classic method. Great for fully experiencing the tastes and aromas of cannabis, smoking results in a relaxing experience that’s easy to enjoy. Whether you’re lighting a joint or enjoying a bowl of your pipe, smoking weed is a method that can’t be beat. And, it’s great for those new to the cannabis scene, as you can smoke as little or as much as you want with ease.

Speaking of masking the taste, edibles are ideal for completely hiding the flavors of marijuana. Fully hidden inside a delicious snack or treat, marijuana edibles are highly concentrated options for the savvy consumer. They take longer to take effect in the body, but even small doses can be quite potent, so always start slowly and with little movement. Patience is key when it comes to eating edibles.

Cannabis concentrates are also growing in popularity as one of the most potent forms of cannabis out there. Using exclusively high temperatures to fully vaporize the product, cannabis concentrates give cannabis connoisseurs the powerful experience they need. For dabbing, you need specialized equipment, dabbing tools, and a lighter; while it’s a bit more complicated of a process, it’s certainly worth it for the robust experience it creates.


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