FAQ What Is Terp Sauce?

The cannabis concentrate landscape is rapidly expanding, with new products and new forms of cannabis being introduced on a seemingly daily basis. With this expansion, it can become difficult to keep track of every product out there and which ones might be the best for us.

One of the newest concentrates on the scene is HTFSE, or terp sauce. More aromatic and pungent than any other extract on the market, this crystallized yet liquid substance creates a unique experience for every cannabis consumer. But what makes it so different from other concentrates?

Any questions you might have about this special form of extract are answered below, giving you everything you need to know about HTFSE before enjoying it for yourself.

What are High Terpene, Full Spectrum Extracts?

Don’t let the complicated acronym fool you! High Terpene Full Spectrum Extracts, or HTFSE, is a pure, highly potent form of cannabis concentrate that contains significant amounts of terpenes. While most concentrates as live resin contains a large number of terpenes, nothing compares to the percentages that HTFSEs contain.

High-spectrum terpene extracts, also known as terpe sauce, are different from regular extracts as they contain a full range of terpenes and cannabinoids – about the “full spectrum”. This special extraction process isolates the plant’s all-natural compounds to result in a more rounded height with distinct flavors and aromas. While unnecessary plant matter, fats and other molecules are left behind, HTFSE still showcases the cannabis plant in a wider range than any other concentrate.

While the overall THC percentage of terpera sauce is slightly lower than your average concentrate, it will feel just as potent, thanks to the “entourage effect”. The cannabis plant contains hundreds of chemical compounds, each creating a different effect or impact when smoked. Together, the combination of these compounds creates the entourage effect, with most reports
experiencing a fuller and more powerful high. As HTFSE is a full spectrum extract, you get all the compounds, cannabinoids and terpenes needed to give you the most complete effects possible.

Terpe sauce is one of the newest forms of cannabis extracts on the market today. Only in the last few years has HTFSE started to gain popularity, but as we learn more and more about the benefits of the high terpene content, cannabis consumers everywhere are turning to these sauce-like extracts.

What are full spectrum high terpene extracts? HTFSE properties

The perfect terpa sauce can be a range of yellow hues, but it will come in a cheeky consistency with sugar-like diamond crystals sprinkled throughout. Your terpa sauce shouldn’t be entirely smooth and devoid of crystals, nor should it be entirely solid – rather, it should look like a mixture of the two.

As the name implies, HTFSE contains a high number of terpenes. Typically, the terpene content of terpe sauces can be between 15-40%, while your average wax concentrate tests much lower. This high percentage means your HTFSE will be filled with unique flavors, creating new aromas every time you smoke. Every cannabis strain is different in what flavors it produces, so find the terpenes you like best, and research which strains contain those specific terps.

High-spectrum terpene extracts have a high percentage of terpenes and an even higher percentage of THC. Your average terpene sauce will test around 40% THC, depending on the strain and extraction procedures. This is almost double what your typical dry flower will test.

While HTFSE is not as potent as other concentrates available, its high percentage of THC can still linger in your body for quite some time. While there are several factors around how long the terpe sauce will stay in your system, it will typically stay for a few days before dissipating.

How is Terp Sauce Made?

The elaboration of high-spectrum terpene extracts is a long and complicated process that is not recommended for anyone but professionals in laboratory settings. The process requires extremely expensive equipment and can be fatal when attempted at home.

For professionals, however, the process starts with freezing the cannabis. Instead of leaving the cannabis outside for days and drying it, growers instead leave their cannabis in freezing temperatures before extraction. This helps preserve the terpene content as well as other natural cannabinoids.

Once the bud is frozen, it goes through a typical butane solvent extraction process. The cold flower is blasted or soaked with butane, separating the terpenes, cannabinoids and other oils from the plant matter. This leaves only one butane hash oil remaining. (It is important to note that other solvents such as CO2 can also be used.)

The oil is then left to age. This aging causes a process called “nucleation” to occur, where the compounds begin to separate from the cannabinoids. This creates the tiny crystals that terpa sauce is best known for. As diamonds form, terpenes begin to infiltrate and separate from the substance. This more liquid oil undergoes further purification, being exposed once again to the extraction process.

The remaining extract results in High Spectrum Terpene Extract as it contains various cannabinoids, compounds and of course terpenes. making terpe sauce.

How to consume high terpene terpenes; Full Spectrum Extracts

Dabbing is by far the best way to enjoy HTFSE. Due to the sauce’s unique consistency, it is difficult to handle in other ways, such as in a joint or in a bowl. With dabbing, you can use just about any dabbing tool to grab a globe of cheeky crystals and vaporize them inside your blazing hot platform. The high temperatures through this method allow the full enjoyment of all the different flavors.

Whether you’re new to the world of cannabis concentrates or have been dabbing for years, it’s important to always start with a small amount of HTFSE to see exactly how it affects you. High-spectrum terpene extracts are unlike any other concentrate, so keeping in mind their potency and high terpene content is key. Start small and go from there!

How to consume high-spectrum extracts of high-spectrum terpenes

Terp sauce is quite different from regular dry cannabis. Marijuana flower can be smoked in a variety of ways, whether through a bong, pipe, joint, or inside your favorite brownie recipe. As discussed, HTFSE should normally be either dabbed or vaporized due to consistency. Regular flower tests no more than 30% THC, while most terpa sauces are regularly in the 40s or so. This makes a terpa sauce significantly more potent than a flower hit.

The weed edibles and terpelos sauce have similar percentages of THC, although the highs they produce are very different from each other. When your body digests marijuana, as it does through edibles, it is processed through the liver which, in turn, creates a more widespread and lasting high. This tends to be characterized as full-bodied, while highs from concentrates like HTFSE are a little more cerebral. Although the high may not last that long, due to the high number of terpenes contained, the high of terpe sauce is incredibly potent.

High-spectrum terpene extracts are drastically different from most other concentrates on the market. Other sauces like live resin are high in terpenes, but nothing compares to the levels that HTFSEs bring. However, this results in an overall lower percentage of THC than your typical shatter, crumble, or BHO. But, as mentioned, the entourage effect that terpel sauces bring allows them to feel just as, if not more, powerful than any other extract.

So, what are the benefits and uses?

The medicinal benefits that HTFSEs can bring are all kinds, helping with everything from sleep disturbances to tremors. When the cannabis you consume contains THC and CBD, along with the other natural compounds and terpenes, your body experiences ten times the positive properties. Compared to spirits that isolate just one compound, HTFSE highs are more rounded and encompassing.

High-spectrum terpene extracts are great for those suffering from chronic muscle pain, nervous system disorders, and especially digestive issues. Whether you’re in need of an appetite boost, something to ease back pain, or even help with the severity of your epilepsy, HTFSE has proven beneficial for all of these and more. In general, terpe sauce has the ability to make you feel better than you ever thought possible.

Along with helping your body feel its best, HTFSE is also great for the mind. The proven antipsychotic and calming effects of CBD allow for the decrease of PTSD related symptoms, lessen anxiety and help with sleep disorders of all severities. Or, if you’re simply struggling to stay positive or find motivation, a dab of terpe sauce can help you accomplish just about anything on your to-do list.

Terpenes in and of themselves are medically beneficial, proven to be helpful in treating pain, inflammation, and some neurological disorders. When terpenes are combined in high amounts with CBD and THC, the overall physical and psychological benefits are staggering.
HTFSE benefits

Possible Side Effects of HTFSE Consumption

Since terpe sauce has such a high concentration of THC as well as terpenes, the effects can be overwhelming for beginners. It’s important to be aware of the potency of your HTFSE, and to start with just a small amount.

When you consume more terpene sauce than your body is comfortable with, you may experience some discomfort. This can come in the form of nausea, vertigo or anxiety, but every person’s experience – good or bad – is unique.

If you think you may have consumed too much and start to have an uncomfortable experience, start with deep breaths. Do your best to remember that what you’re feeling is temporary, and you’ll be fine in a few hours. Try drinking water or having a snack, even taking a shower can be enough to sober you up, calm you down and let you feel like yourself once again.

Try HTFSE for yourself

High-spectrum terpene extracts are easily one of the most unique versions of concentrates you’ll find on dispensary shelves. With its aromatic properties and well rounded top, there’s nothing else like it out there.

Before tasting terpene sauce for yourself, make sure you are fully aware of how it can affect you and how much to consume the first time you try it. By doing this, you are helping to ensure that your HTFSE experience is the best it can be. Take a deep breath in the distinct scents of terp sauce and enjoy the top of everything that is best known for it.

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