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Island Sweet Skunk (AAA)

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Island Sweet Skunk Strain

Island Sweet Skunk, a Canadian jewel originating from Vancouver Island, is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that boasts a delectable blend of sweet and skunky flavours, with a tropical aroma that transports one to an island paradise. With a high THC content ranging from 16% to 25%, this strain is notably potent. Celebrated for its invigorating cerebral effects, Island Sweet Skunk energizes the mind while fostering creativity and euphoria. Alongside the uplift in mood, it imparts a gentle body relaxation. Additionally, it is revered for its medicinal properties, proving effective in relieving anxiety, depression, pain, and a host of other ailments. Approach with caution, as dry mouth is a common side effect, but know that this strain offers a harmonious balance of stimulation and tranquility.


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16% – 25%

Key Facts:​

Strain Flavors – Grapefruit – Skunky – Sweet – Slight Tropical – Citrus

Stress – 38% of people say it helps with stress
Pain – 30% of people say it helps with pain
Depression – 31% of people say it helps with depression



CBG 1%


Creative – Euphoria – Happy – Uplifiting – Energetic

Dry Eyes – Anxious – Paranoid

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Island Sweet Skunk Strain – What you should know

Let us embark on a mesmerising journey to the verdant shores of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, where, nestled amidst the rugged coastline, thrives the magnificent Island Sweet Skunk, a scion of the illustrious Canadian cannabis lineage. This heady skunk, with its august heritage cultivated meticulously over decades, emanates an aroma reminiscent of the ancient mysteries of the tropics, and a flavour that would have, no doubt, captivated the connoisseurs of yore.

Concentration and Potency

As one peels back the layers of this resplendent strain, the THC levels reveal themselves in all their glory, ranging from a rather respectable 16% to an awe-inspiring 25%. The beholders of this treasure shall find themselves equipped with a potent weapon in their arsenal against the doldrums that plague the human condition. With a sativa to indica ratio befitting the regal nature of the strain, 80:20, Island Sweet Skunk is a true Sativa Dominant Hybrid, a perfect balance between cerebral stimulation and somatic tranquility.

Medicinal Effects

Upon further examination, the ancient sages would marvel at Island Sweet Skunk’s unparalleled medicinal applications. For those tormented by the abyss of depression, anxiety, or assailed by relentless migraines and arthritis, this strain offers a lifeboat in stormy seas. Furthermore, it holds within its sacred leaves the ability to alleviate the agonies of gastrointestinal disorders and inflammation. An astonishing range of therapeutic properties that serve as an ode to the holistic wisdom of the ancients.

Potential Negative Effects

However, as is customary with such treasures, Island Sweet Skunk holds within it a cautionary tale. The dry mouth is as common as finding sand in the Sahara, yet, the discerning consumer shall find solace in the fact that other side effects are notably limited. It is, therefore, advised to approach this strain with the reverence and respect it so richly deserves.

Flavour and Aroma

Venturing into the intricate terpene profile, this strain graces the senses with a symphony of flavours. With the overtones of sweet and skunky, the strain takes an unexpected turn with the bountiful notes of citrus and grapefruit, and a glorious chorus of fruity and tropical undertones. The aroma speaks of an island paradise, with a tantalising fusion of fruity, grapefruit and sweet whispers that beckon the wanderer home.

Summary of Island Sweet Skunk

Island Sweet Skunk is a triumphant ode to the secrets of Vancouver Island, a strain shrouded in mystery, brimming with potency, and laden with medicinal applications. For the seeker, it unlocks the doors of creativity, euphoria and an upliftment that both enlivens and relaxes. However, let it be known that this treasure is guarded jealously within its homeland of British Columbia, and few beyond its borders have the honour of partaking in its splendour. For those fortunate enough to encounter Island Sweet Skunk, the experience shall be etched into their very soul, a testament to the glorious possibilities of nature.


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What is hybrid cannabis?

Answer: The term hybrid refers to when a strain has been created by combining the genetics of two individual strains, typically of one Indica and Sativa, although any combination is viable. This creates what is known as a hybrid strain. The aim to achieve a more balanced and improved custom strain of cannabis.

How is hybrid cannabis created?

Answer: Hybrid cannabis is created by combining two different strains by method of cross-pollination in order to create a brand-new custom strain. Ideally the newly created hybrid strain retains the positive desired qualities while negating the undesired qualities of the two original parent strains.

What are the different types of hybrid cannabis?

Answer: The most common hybrid combinations are as follows: Indica + Indica, Sativa + Sativa, Indica + Sativa, Sativa + Indica. The first strain used in the combination is the dominate strain which contain the majority of the desired qualities of the mix.

Can you make hybrid cannabis with more than two strains?

Answer: Hybrid cannabis strains created with a combination of two hybrid strains will result in a combination of a total of 4 strains. This opens up the potential for near infinite combinations for both cultivators and consumers.

What are some popular hybrid cannabis strains?

Answer: Although there exists a myriad of hybrid strains, here are some of the most popular: Black Platinum, Gelato, Dosidos, Blue Dream, Mac1, White Widow, Runtz, Wedding Cake, Sherbet just to list a few.

What is the strongest hybrid Cannabis strain?

Answer: The strain that holds the title of the strongest hybrid strain currently is Chiquita Banana with some tests showing a THC percentage level as high as 32% making it one of the strongest strains in the world. This strain is a cross between OG Kush and Banana delivering a euphoric dream like high.

What is the effect of hybrid Cannabis like?

Answer: This entirely depends on the strain and the mix within that strain. If the hybrid was created with it being more Indica dominant, you will feel effects the match closer to the qualities of the Indica variety and vice versa with a Sativa dominate strain. The ultimate goal of hybrids is to have balanced qualities delivering the best of both worlds as they say.

Do hybrid cannabis strains retain all of the parents strains attributes?

Answer: Hybrid strains tend to reflect the qualities of the dominate parent strain used in the combination. If the dominate strain is Sativa mixed with Indica, you may find that the qualities one would normally expect from an Indica would be felt to a lesser degree. However this is totally dependent on the strains combined in the hybrid cannabis.

Are hybrid strains rarer than Sativa or Indica strains?

Answer: In modern day hybrid strains are actually the most common strains found on the market. Due to the strains of Indica and Sativa being genetically far from the original source strains they may have originated from long ago. Due to lack of proper research and information tracking over the early years has resulted in difficulty to accurately pinpoint the answer.

What is the difference between hybrid and ratio

Answer: Ratio refers the the ratio of THC and CBD and other cannabinoids found in cannabis products commonly labeled and seen on the packaging. Hybrid cannabis is the combination of two or more strains created through cross-pollination.

Are autoflowers hybrids?

Answer: The answer to this is yes. Autoflowering plants are ruderalis strains combined with either Indica or Sativa to create a hybrid strain that take advantage of this genetic trait that results in a hybrid strain that will flower regardless of light photoperiod allowing them to grow year round.

How do I choose a good hybrid strain for me?

Answer: To choose the best hybrid strain for your needs first decide what desired effects you are looking for. For example if you want a hybrid strain to smoke later in the day closer to bed time then you will want to choose a strain that is of an Indica dominant variety the contains are bred with some of your favorite Indica strains. The same is true if you are looking for something to smoke during the daytime, seek a strain that is Sativa dominant

Why do people smoke hybrid cannabis?

Answer: There is a multitude of reasons of why people choose to smoke hybrid reason. The most common being that hybrids usually are the best of both worlds and offers effects of a balanced smoking experience.

Does hybrid cannabis make you sleepy?

Answer: This entirely depends on the hybrid strain you choose and whether or not that strain is Indica dominant or Sativa dominant. Typically if you consume a Indica dominant strain you are likely to feel the common effects of Indica which results in sleepiness although most likely to a lesser degree.

Are most cannabis strains hybrid?

Answer: The majority of strains found on the market are hybrid strains as some of the most potent and desired cannabis strains are a result of a combination of strains. However pure strains of either Indica or Sativa can still be found across the market place.

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