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Harlequin (AAA)

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Harlequin Strain

Discover the enchanting Harlequin, a sativa-dominant hybrid born from Colombian Gold, Thai, and Swiss Landrace. With a unique 1:1 CBD to THC ratio, it offers a harmonious blend of therapeutic and recreational effects. Users can expect relief from ailments like pain, inflammation, and stress, while remaining focused and alert. Entice your senses with its earthy mango aroma and savour its delightful blend of herbal, spicy, and sweet flavours. Embrace the magic of Harlequin for a truly unparalleled cannabis experience.


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Key Facts:​

Strain Flavors – Spicy/herbal – Woody – Mango
Anxiety – 40% of people say it helps with anxiety
Stress – 39% of people say it helps with stress
Pain – 48% of people say it helps with pain






Focused – Energetic – Uplifted


Headache – Anxious – Dry eyes

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Harlequin Strain – What you should know

Gather ’round, curious souls, as we unveil the mysterious and enchanting Harlequin strain. A beautifully crafted hybrid, it’s the progeny of Colombian Gold, Thai, and Swiss Landrace, creating an unparalleled experience. This sativa dominant strain, with a 25:75 indica to sativa ratio, is a hidden gem in the realm of cannabis, offering an equilibrium of relaxation and invigoration.

Concentration and Potency

Harlequin boasts a unique CBD to THC ratio, roughly 1:1, presenting THC levels ranging from 7-15% and CBD levels of 4-10%. This uncommon balance provides a harmonious blend of therapeutic and recreational effects, suitable for both medicinal and recreational users alike.

Medicinal Effects

One may deem Harlequin a panacea for a plethora of ailments, as it is an exceptional pain reliever for both body and mind. The lower THC content permits patients to remain mindful and alert, while reaping the benefits of a body high, creative energy, focus, and upliftment. Harlequin may alleviate symptoms of arthritis, chronic pain, depression, fatigue, fibromyalgia, headaches, inflammation, migraines, PTSD, and stress, making it a veritable treasure trove of therapeutic properties.

Potential Negative Effects

Despite its many virtues, one mustn’t ignore the potential drawbacks of the Harlequin strain. Users may experience dry mouth and eyes, mild nausea, or even headaches in more severe cases. However, these side effects are generally mild and easily managed with proper hydration and moderation.

Flavour and Aroma

Harlequin’s allure lies not only in its remarkable effects but also in its captivating flavours and aromas. The palate is treated to a medley of herbal, spicy, sweet, and woody notes, while the nose is enthralled by the fragrance of citrus, earthiness, mango, and sweetness. This symphony of flavours and scents is sure to tantalise the senses and heighten the overall experience.

Summary of Harlequin

In conclusion, Harlequin is a masterful strain, offering a diverse range of effects and flavours, suitable for both medicinal and recreational users. Its distinctive CBD to THC ratio, coupled with an exquisite terpene profile, and the ability to relieve various ailments without compromising mental clarity, make Harlequin an essential addition to any connoisseur’s collection. So, dear friends, embark on a journey with Harlequin and discover the enchanting world that awaits you.



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What is the difference between sativa and indica strains?

Answer: The most significant difference between sativa strains and indica strains is their appearance and composition. The effects between the two vary depending on terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids, not necessarily whether it’s indica or sativa.

What's the meaning of "sativa"?

Answer: When people say "sativa strain," they're usually talking about an energetic strain that's good for boosting creativity.

What appearance do sativa buds have typically?

Answer: Sativa buds are generally fluffier and less uniform in shape than indicas. You will also likely notice bright orange hairs alongside light green hues on the leaves.

What appearance do sativa plants have?

Answer: Sativa plants are known for their towering, lanky stature and thin leaves. If you're hoping to grow sativas, you'll need more space than you would for indicas. These plants can stretch out quite a bit, so be prepared for them to take over your garden! However, the end result is worth it – sativas are known for their high-energy, uplifting effects. So, if you're looking for a strain that will help you get through your day with a smile on your face, sativas are a great choice.

What do people use sativas for?

Answer: A lot of consumers turn to sativas for help with depression and other mood complications. Strains like these often bring waves of euphoria and bliss, which can be helpful for those struggling with depression or other mood disorders. Additionally, sativas can also help those who are feeling stuck in a creative rut. The mental stimulation and enhancement of creativity levels that sativas provide can be just what someone needs to get out of their funk and start being productive again.

What are the currently most popular sativa strains that people buy?

Answer: Some of the most popular sativa strains are Durban Poison, Super Lemon Haze, Sour Diesel, and Jack Herer. These strains are known for their high levels of THC, which can result in a powerful, cerebral high that is perfect for daytime use. If you are looking for a strains that will give you energy and help you stay productive, then a sativa is the way to go.

What is the most potent sativa strain?

Answer: While there are many "strongest" claims in the cannabis world, Ghost Train Haze is certainly one of the most potent strains available. This sativa-leaning hybrid regularly produces THC levels nearing 30%, making it a favorite among experienced smokers. If you're looking for a powerful strain that will give you an uplifting, energetic high, Ghost Train Haze is a great choice.

Do "pure" sativa strains exists?

Answer: Cannabis strains that are 100% pure sativa are still available, but they may be harder to find.

What are the common flavours found in sativa strains?

Answer: A lot of pure sativa strains will have either heavy diesel flavors or those reminiscent of bright citrus fruit. Many will have a flavor profile that’s a combination of the two!

Do sativas keep one up all night long?

Answer: If you're used to smoking indica before bed, then you might find that smoking sativa has the opposite effect. Sativa is known for its uplifting and energizing effects, which can sometimes make it difficult to fall asleep. If you're struggling to sleep after smoking sativa, it might be helpful to try smoking a different strain or taking a small dose of CBD to help you relax.

Do sativas give an energy boost?

Answer: Although there is no scientific proof that sativas boost energy, the euphoric and uplifting effects may give the illusion of having more energy. This can lead to increased productivity.

Is true that all “gelato” strains are sativas?

Answer: Not all Gelato strains are sativas. It is likely you will come across many indica-leaning Gelato strains.

Is true that all “diesel” strains are sativas?

Answer: While it is common for Diesel strains to be sativas, it is not true that all Diesel strains are. It depends on the strain’s genetics. In fact, some might even be hybrids!

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