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We’ve all heard the term “edible” when it comes to talking about the Canadian edible cannabis community, but what does it imply? It’s important to understand what marijuana edibles are and how they affect the body, but knowing just how potent these tasty treats are is crucial.

Before diving into the world of marijuana edibles and all they have to offer, make sure you’re prepared for the highs it brings. Below, you’ll find absolutely everything you need to know about THC edibles, how to make them, and the various benefits as well as the side effects they can bring.

Where do weed edibles come from?

More simply, cannabis edibles are marijuana delicacies that can be consumed like any other food or drink. These weed-filled snacks are highly potent and often cause a
high and long-lasting that consumers want.

Marijuana edibles can come in many forms, but you’ve probably heard the term “marijuana brownie” more than anything else. Nowadays,
However, you can find THC chocolate, marijuana cookies, and even noodle noodle meals.

Civilization has been consuming marijuana for centuries, including adding it to traditional foods and drinks.

Beginning in ancient India, Hindu worshipers of the god Shiva honor his presence by mixing marijuana leaves and spices into milk and then drinking it (along with smoking the plant). This marijuana-infused drink, called “Bhang”, is still used today, and is one of the first recorded “edible” recipes. However, this is likely not the first or oldest case of edible cannabis, as the marijuana and hemp plant has been used for its properties for thousands of years.

While cannabis drinks like Bhang are still popular, most consumers today choose to add cannabis to butter or oil, which then allows them to add this infused ingredient to any recipe that calls for it.

This infusion is appropriately called canabutter or cannaoil. Try adding it to any meal or snack, and you’ll feel euphorically intoxicated just from eating your dinner.

Quality of Edibles

The trickiest part about cannabis edibles is that they often resemble regular treats, which is why proper labeling is so important. Because cannabis is cooked in the edible’s ingredients, it doesn’t change the outward appearance, texture, or consistency of your recipe.

The smell of an edible most often depends on how much herb was used and how the creation was done. Typically, you can’t pick up a regular weed brownie and simply smell the cannabis it’s been infused with, and that goes for most edibles.

However, this is not the case when it comes to proving. There is almost always a slight hint of marijuana in every edible you consume, as the plant’s terpenes are powerful and strongly affect flavor and aroma. Fortunately, biting into a weed cookie won’t taste the same as biting into a plant, but you might be able to pick up earthy notes, with a little bit of earth.

Of all the properties that cannabis edibles have, their high potency is the most important thing to consider. Although it depends on the amount of cannabis used during processing, edibles produce a significantly stronger and more powerful high potency than when the weed is simply smoked. This is because cannabinoids like THC react differently in the body when digested versus when inhaled. The chemical compounds found in cannabis are fat-soluble, not water-soluble, so they break down better and more efficiently when added to fatty ingredients like butter and then digested. The compounds can travel freely through the endocannabinoid system, creating a full-body high that is difficult to achieve otherwise.

However, as THC edibles react differently within the body, it is crucial to be prepared for the high, relaxing hours that can come from it. If you are new to the cannabis world, starting with a weed edibles might not be the best choice, as its potency can create intense highs that new consumers may not be comfortable with.

How to Make Cannabis Edibles

There are a few different ways to consume edibles, but most of it comes down to personal preference.

One of the most popular methods of creating cannabis edibles is the use of canabutter. As the name implies, canabutter is butter infused with activated cannabis flower. To do this, you must first decarboxylate your marijuana by breaking it down and essentially “cooking” it in the oven. This added heat is what transforms non-psychoactive chemicals into psychoactives like THC, helping to achieve that extraordinary high that so many seek.

Like canabutter, activated cannabis can be added to different types of cooking oils like coconut oil if you have an allergy or avoid dairy like butter. Both canabutter and cannaoil can then be added to any recipe that calls for these ingredients, and suddenly, your daily meals are amplified.

For the more seasoned weed eaters, adding cannabis concentrates to your treats can take your trip to the next level. Cannabis concentrates can be twice as potent as regular flowers, so adding a few drops of cannabis oil, BHO, or even Rick Simpson oil to your edible THC can be perfect for those with higher tolerances or more severe medical complications than require higher powers.

How to Store Cannabis Edibles

Weeds can’t stay in your fridge forever. While canabutter can last a while if properly sealed and refrigerated, you should
Remember that like any dairy product, it can expire and go bad.

Edibles don’t have an expiration problem, but leaving any cannabis product on too long is reason for a change in structure, smell, and sometimes appearance.

If you’re not planning on eating your marijuana edibles right away, be sure to store them in airtight containers that won’t let in excess moisture, light, or heat. Many suggest that you wrap the edibles in
aluminum foil or waxed paper to help seal in freshness and quality.

Do not wrap your marijuana creation in plastic wraps, as this is said to affect the overall flavor of your edibles and affect the consistency you want. Also, don’t leave your edibles unlabeled!
Unlabeled THC edibles are the easiest way for these potent snacks to end up creating an unwanted, loud annoyance.

How to take Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis edibles offer endless possibilities. basically anything you can eat or drink, you can effectively add weed.

Add canabutter or cannaoil to your favorite brownie recipe! Simply replace the butter or oil with your infused version and give your traditional treats a spin. strong brownies
are perfect for incorporating cannabis, as it masks the flavor of the plant very well. After all, there’s a reason marijuana brownies are so popular!

Marijuana cookies are as sought after as marijuana brownies, and their creation process is quite similar.

Both canabutter and cannaoil can be added to pasta dishes for added flavor and fun. As some cannabis strains have peppery, herb-like flavor profiles, adding cannabis to dishes like noodles not only gives it a high flavor, but adds a layer of unique flavor only achieved through the marijuana or hemp plant.

Adding a sprinkle of weed to your cup of coffee is becoming increasingly common in the cannabis world as well. Not only do you get your daily dose of caffeine, but the calming yet stimulating effects of the weed can really help get your day started. For marijuana coffee, you can choose to add a daily dose of
canabutter or coconut cane oil, or you can simply add a few drops of THC or CBD oil directly into your freshly brewed cup.

While making weed gummies or THC oils might just be for the most experienced chefs, these types of weed edibles are plentiful on the shelves of cannabis dispensers. They typically come in packs of about ten, which makes them super easy to dose. For many, a 5 or 10mg gummy is more than enough for the brain calming high.

Cannabutter allows consumers to improve any recipe they requires typical popcorn like butter! Weed infused popcorn is an extremely popular snack, especially for groups looking to enhance their movie-watching experience. Just be careful not to eat the entire batch yourself, otherwise you’ll likely fall asleep before the movie even starts.

Cannabis Edibles vs. Other Cannabis products

Although it is common cannabis flower is used to make most types of THC edibles, the two are drastically different. However, as mentioned, the way the flower is
processed throughout your body is the biggest
difference here, since digestion provides a greater
full and potent than simply being hit by a bong or joint. Not to mention that edible highs can last for hours, depending on your tolerance, versus maybe an hour with a regular flower.

When comparing cannabis flower to cannabis concentrates, it becomes apparent just how drastically different the two are. Although marijuana edibles have a higher concentration of marijuana than the flower, they are still not as potent as marijuana concentrates. Concentrates oil, shatter, or even butane hash oil can test anywhere between 60-90% THC. Even though the variety you use in your canabutter is incredibly potent, just cooking it in butter destroys at least 20% of the cannabinoids by hand, immediately lowering the potency. This is why many have started adding cannabis oil drops or concentrates to their THC edible recipes instead of flowers, as the intoxicating effects don’t wear off so easily.

The many benefits of weed edibles

The medical benefits of cannabis are staggering, as the plant’s chemical compounds have been found to help with myriad health complications of varying severity. From helping your digestive tract to relieving your joint pain and everything in between, the properties of marijuana can give you the relief you deserve.

When it comes to the physiological benefits of Marijuana Brownies and Marijuana Tea, they are the same as what you would get from the flower. Compounds like CBD have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, helping to relieve chronic muscle aches and joint pain throughout the body. However, these effects are amplified when digested, so these relieving properties are felt even stronger with THC edibles. This makes infused treatments great for those looking for more powerful pain relief than they can get by simply smoking a joint.

As mentioned, an edible is a great way to give you a good night’s rest. Whether you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep, the sedative properties of THC edibles (or rather, the strains used within them) can provide calm like no other, preparing your body to sleep soundly, heavily, and throughout the night. In general, weed edibles have been known to cause a more relaxing and sleepy feel, so many also find their anxieties slowly slipping away as the high comes to fruition.

The most important thing to remember here is that although you will feel the effects of regular marijuana, they will be ten times greater. So make sure you are prepared for the intense brain effects and full body relaxation, otherwise you may feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable during your THC experience.

The effects

Due to the high concentration of cannabis THC edibles and their very high potencies, it can be easy for people to consume too much and, in turn, have a hard time. While you can’t overdose from eating too many edibles, it sure can feel like you’re having a nasty high, so it’s crucial to be knowledgeable about exactly what you’re consuming and how much is best for you.

With the typical dry flower, the effects you experience come almost immediately after inhalation. This is drastically different with marijuana edibles, however. As they have to be metabolized within the body, it takes much longer for consumers to feel the effects of marijuana. It usually takes between an hour and two to notice that the properties start to take effect, so be patient! If you don’t wait before consuming more, it becomes easy to consume too much and not enjoy your edible experience anymore. Avoid this, and wait the appropriate time before having more.

While some less-than-fantastic experiences are caused by unknowingly consuming too much, others are simply the result of not knowing what they are consuming. Because edibles don’t look any different than your typical brownie or other sweets, they’re often mistaken as such and end up in unprepared and inexperienced hands – especially children’s hands.

Fortunately, this can easily be avoided with proper labeling and storage. Make sure you never leave your food in your fridge unlabeled; these baked snacks should always have a clear indication of their potency. When marijuana edibles are left unchecked, it’s easy to forget there’s something different about them. Avoid a nasty and unwanted high and keep your food away from normal food and drinks, in a place where your little ones can’t be easily found.

If you take too much, your high won’t last forever. If you feel restless, start by drinking some water. This not only gives you ground, but also feeds your body and your mind, which may be lacking. So the next step is distraction: do what you can to take your mind off your high. Whether it’s talking to a friend, watching a movie, or even taking a nap, all of these things can help get your mind back on track and make you feel like yourself again.

Get your own cannabis-infused treats

If you’re looking to buy your own ready-made marijuana edibles, prices vary depending on where you live and the dispensaries around you. Typically, weed gummies or chewables are a little more expensive than cookies and brownies, but they contain more servings. Weed gummies and chewables can range from $15 to $30, depending on how many are included and the strengths. Baked cookies, like a single pan brownie, are generally cheaper, but you can’t get that many servings of them. CBD edibles like lozenges or chewing gum are also gaining popularity as they come in controlled doses and do not cause psychoactivity. A pack of 20 CBD lozenges will typically cost between $30 and $60.

You can find a variety of edible options in Canada at your local marijuana pharmacy or get marijuana edibles delivery in Vancouver or any other Canadian city, and even take a look at their prices with apps like Weedmaps or Leafly.

Indulge to euphoria

And as long as people want a variety of experiences, the Edibles Canada cannabis industry will continue to create. Whether you want to cook with weed and make your own edibles, or skip the work and buy a pre-made one at a dispensary, is totally up to you. By doing your research and understanding how edibles affect the body, along with the low, slow start, you will have one of the best marijuana experiences for the books.

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