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Cannabis Guide: How much is an eighth of weed?

Decoding Cannabis Measurements: Your Ultimate Guide


Navigating the world of cannabis can be comparable to ordering drinks on a plane. If you’re unsure about the quantities, the process can be daunting. For first-timers, terms like “gram” and “eighth” can sound like complex jargon. But fear not, let’s dive deep and simplify it for you.

An “Eighth” Demystified

Ever wondered why “an eighth” is a popular purchase for cannabis enthusiasts? It refers to an eighth of an ounce, which translates to approximately 3.5 grams of dried flower. Picture this: you’re walking into a store, seeing jars filled with a green substance – that’s usually an eighth of weed you’re looking at. But there’s more! When dissected, an eighth of weed can yield three full-gram joints and an extra half-gram joint or seven smaller half-gram ones. It’s the right amount to experiment with – making cannabutter, rolling blunts, or packing bowls. Prices vary based on location, with averages ranging from $30 to $70. Sometimes, you might hear about a 5-gram eighth. No, math hasn’t betrayed you; it’s just a bonus for consumers where they get 5 grams for the price of an eighth.





Understanding the Gram

If the cannabis world had a universal currency, it would be the gram. This petite measurement can often be the starting point for many. One gram usually suffices for a decent-sized joint. Its size can vary based on the density, ranging between a walnut to a kumquat. But a blueberry-sized gram? You might want to check that on a scale!




From Retailers to Regular Users: Weights & Terms

Beyond the standard “eighth”, there’s a glossary of terms, with quantities going up to an entire pound:

  • Quarter: Essentially 7 grams of weed. This quantity can roll five to seven blunts.
  • Ounce: Equivalent to 28 grams. In layman terms, that’s eight eighths!
  • Quarter-pound: Known as QP, it equals 113.4 grams or four ounces.
  • Half-pound: As it sounds, it’s 226.8 grams.
  • Pound: The holy grail of weed measurements, it’s about 453 grams. A year’s supply for a regular consumer!





Ordering Like You’ve Done It Before

While grams may be universally recognized, local lingo can vary. North Americans have a plethora of names from ‘pot’ to ‘Mary Jane’, Australians might say ‘choof’, and Jamaicans call it ‘dagga’. Be in the know, especially if you’re traveling. And always remember to familiarize yourself with local cannabis laws.






  • How many bowls in 1 gram? Typically, 2-3 average-sized bowls.
  • What’s the average size of a bowl in grams? It’s about 0.3 to 0.5 grams.
  • Bowls in an ounce? Roughly, 56 half-gram bowls.
  • How many hits in a bowl? It varies but generally, 3-8 hits.
  • What’s a 10 sack or a dub? Respectively, they refer to $10 and $20 worth of weed.
  • How long does a quarter ounce last? Depending on consumption, it can be a week’s worth of joints or a month’s supply of cannabutter.
  • Global Weighing Systems: Although the metric system reigns supreme globally, when it comes to cannabis, grams are universally acknowledged.

Remember, your cannabis experience is subjective. Start small, understand your tolerance, and always prioritize legal and safe consumption.




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